Rally your friends and family, and start a group in your town, city, college or workplace to help end slavery. It’s your time and your turn, let’s do this!


Make it hard for traffickers to hide their victims and their crimes.

Abolition Groups develop a solid understanding of the scope of human trafficking and are empowered to raise awareness in their communities and beyond.


More resources means more freedom! The money you raise delivers life-changing programmes to men, women, and children who have suffered brutal exploitation.

Groups take part in Hope Challenge, our annual fundraising campaign, where you can creatively use your skills to bring an end to slavery..


Have fun and do good. With practical ways to serve survivors, you can make an extraordinary difference. Contribute to our campaigns to raise awareness and reform society: we’ll help you write letters, sign petitions, speak to your representatives, man stalls, distribute leaflets and make change happen. You can be a leader in the movement to end slavery, once and for all!