Questions about Survivor Care in the UK?

The UK Advocacy team at Hope for Justice sit outside of government provision and work in accordance with the Advocacy Charter, the Slavery and Trafficking Survivor Care Standards and trauma-informed approaches to care and support.

Hope for Justice has been providing advocacy both from a legal and survivor support perspective to survivors of modern slavery for more than 10 years and within this time we have built up a wealth of experience in this area. Our Independent Modern Slavery Advocates (IMSAs) work in partnership with the survivors and their existing support mechanisms to overcome barriers and achieve outcomes set by the survivor.

The Advocacy team offers an advice service that provides tailored and specialist advice and signposting on survivor care in the UK to other organisations and/or survivors. In some instances, our IMSAs may be able to intervene around a specific matter and/or outcome (e.g. welfare benefits reconsiderations, pre-NRM advocacy, etc.) or work alongside an agency who has reached out with an enquiry to see the outcome achieved.

If you have any questions or challenges relating to survivor care in the UK, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via and one of our IMSAs will get back to you.