A child should not have to
carry the wounds
of their past

The goal of restorative care is not simply to address the trauma sustained but to help each individual move far beyond it. Each child deserves the support needed to treat their trauma. Our holistic approach, with a comprehensive focus on individual needs, is the only effective response. Every child in our program is empowered to live a whole, healthy life, free from the burden of their past vulnerability or exploitation.

Giving a child choices
and a dream
restores their future

Each child in our programs benefits from a nourishing environment that encourages and respects their personal choices. Our programs create bridges to opportunities that give children control over their lives and provide the tools to realise their dreams. Each child plays a prominent role in shaping and taking responsibility for their own future, so that they have a restored sense of dignity. With these practical and sustainable career and life skills we profoundly reduce the risk of re-trafficking.