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Inspire a generation with a message of hope

Shake a generation with a message of hope and a call to action that will challenge your audience and change your community.

we all have a part to play in ending modern slavery
and our incredible speakers have a message to inspire any audience.

What We Offer

A brief explanation of what modern slavery is
and how it is affecting society today.

An inspirational Hope for Justice film sharing a survivor’s story.

Inspirational stories of lives changed by the work of Hope for Justice.

A call to action for people to join the movement to end slavery
and support Hope for Justice.

Choose between: 15-20 minute or 30-40 minute talk

A passion to grow the movement, together, with your event,
helping bring about the end of slavery for good!


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Note: All Event Organisers are asked to pay a small Speaker Fee to Hope for Justice; this is used to cover Speakers’ expenses.