Restorative care to help survivors dream again

For more than 10 years, Hope for Justice has been developing innovative programmes that assist survivors of sex and labour trafficking and forced marriage in Cambodia.

Our Lighthouse in Cambodia provides temporary care and support for vulnerable and exploited children and teenagers rescued from sex trafficking and other forms of human trafficking, keeping them safe from their previous circumstances as we work to assess their physical, mental and emotional health. We then work to safely transition them back to their families, to appropriate long-term care or to independent living, depending on their age and individual needs.

The Lighthouse offers individual and group counseling, and catch-up education and life skills training. Older children and teenagers also get help with vocational training to develop skills for employment.

Our program addresses survivors’ complex needs and provides a continuum of care from rescue until reintegration into mainstream society.

“Our response is a strategic one – focus on excellence, professionalism and outcomes to help victims find healing, hope and justice.”


Maggie Crewes
Cambodia Director, Hope for Justice



How Do We Tackle Trauma?

Restoring lives


The Lighthouse is a short-term assessment and transition facility for victims of sex trafficking, forced labour or forced marriage in the days and weeks immediately after rescue. Our intensive model provides crisis support, family and community assessments, professional interventions and collaborative planning with government agencies to prepare survivors for reintegration into their communities or entry into a longer-term aftercare project.

A girl should not have to
carry the wounds
of her past

The goal of restorative care is not simply to address the trauma sustained but to help each individual move far beyond it. Each girl deserves the support needed to treat her trauma. Our holistic approach, with a comprehensive focus on individual needs, is the only effective response. Every girl in our program is empowered to live a whole, healthy life, free from the burden of her past exploitation.

Giving a girl choices
and a dream
restores her future

Each girl in our programs benefits from a nourishing environment that encourages and respects her choices. Our programs create bridges to opportunities that give her control over her life and provide the tools to realize her dreams. Each girl plays a prominent role in shaping and taking responsibility for her future so that she has a restored sense of dignity. With these practical and sustainable career and life skills we profoundly reduce the risk of re-trafficking.


“I have experienced for the first time what love really looks like and I have learned what it means to love others”