Confirmation that email is genuine

The below is to confirm that the email you have received is genuine and is from Hope for Justice:

Dear friend,

We have seen a rising number of rescues this year and have continued to identify and rescue victims during the lockdown. That is thanks to you and people like you who give regularly to Hope for Justice. So we would like to say thank you – rescue would be impossible without you, but because of you we are rescuing more people.

Just a few weeks ago, we were part of a Europe-wide operation in which many vulnerable young women were rescued, including two in Huddersfield who we were able to support directly. After everything they had been through, we were just so glad to be able to help them, and now they can start to put that terrible exploitation behind them.

Rising numbers of rescues is a fantastic thing, though it also means supporting rising numbers of survivors in the days immediately after rescue and beyond – as they begin to rebuild their lives.

We are asking our amazing community of regular givers whether they would consider a small increase in their giving of £5 a month, which could help fund the things survivors of modern slavery need after rescue. This small change in your giving will allow us to support more survivors after rescue in a sustainable way, in the long term. It could help with everything from a hot meal and a change of clothes, through to a first good night’s sleep in emergency accommodation for an adult victim, and an interpreter if necessary to help them tell their story for the first time.

Would you consider increasing your monthly giving by £5 to help the growing number of survivors we are rescuing in these ways?

To increase your gift you can call into our Head Office on 0300 008 8000 (local rate call) and speak to a member of our supporter care team. Or just reply to this email confirming that you would like us to increase your regular gift by £5 and also letting us know your postal address as an ID checker. So that you know this email is genuinely from us, we have placed a copy of this email on the Hope for Justice website – you can see it here:

Your continued support is incredibly valuable to us and we would like you to know how grateful we are, even if you are unable to increase your gift at this time. However, if you can, this small increase will help us to have a greater impact and support the rising numbers of survivors in days to come.

Thank you so much,
The Hope for Justice Team