Hope for Justice and IBSA have partnered together in an effort to stamp out the injustice of human trafficking.

Our Partnership unites your whole church behind a practical mission that is delivering freedom, hope and justice for people trapped in the misery of human trafficking, which truly is modern-day slavery.

By supporting the programs pioneered by Hope for Justice, your church will be serving individuals broken by exploitation and abuse, while putting into effect your vast potential to impact your nation and and your world.


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Invite A Speaker

Share the work of Hope for Justice in your church by hosting a Hope Sunday. Our team will help you put together the best sessions for your members.

“I am delighted to welcome Hope for Justice into a partnership with IBSA, as we work together to rescue and restore precious lives that have been harmed by human trafficking, here in Illinois, across the USA and around the world.

Like Hope for Justice, we believe the Church has a central role to play in the fight against human trafficking, through prayer and also through fundraising, awareness-raising and education.

We have the power to truly change lives together, which is why I wholeheartedly encourage IBSA churches to support this innovative partnership.”

Carmen Halsey, Director, Women’s Ministry and Church Missions, IBSA

“Human trafficking is as real and as dark as it has ever been and it impacts our world far closer to home than any of us would like to think.

Hope for Justice has conducted trainings at FBC of Casey to help Christians in Casey and the surrounding area to know how to understand, recognize, and address this dark reality.

A partnership with Hope for Justice means that your church will receive training, encouragement, and will be given the opportunity to transform the lives of ‘the least of these’ around the world”

Jonathon McDonald, Pastor, FBC of Casey

IBSA – Resources For Our Partners

To help the movement grow.

Designated Church Partner Liaison

We believe in the power of your church to make an impact in the lives of human trafficking survivors. A member of our team is dedicated to keeping you in the loop and building our partnerships. Get in touch anytime!

Hope for Justice trained speakers

We’ll arrange for one of our trained speakers to speak at your main meeting. It’s a great chance to share with your whole church community how they are changing lives through Hope for Justice and to pray together for survivors.

Church and Prayer Updates

Every month we’ll send you the latest news, along with a quarterly church and prayer update. This comes packed full of stories of changed lives, updates from our investigators and ways to get involved with our pioneering work.

Stories & Films

Each year we make a range of high-quality films to tell the stories of rescued victims, raise awareness of human trafficking and profile the work we’re doing, with your support, to end it. You’ll have exclusive access to video content for use in your church.

Professional Community Training

Help us train frontline professionals – police, social workers, nurses, counselors – at your church to spot the signs of human trafficking and what do no next. These community events lead to direct rescues and a real impact in your community.

Specialist Speaker Training

We’d love to invite a member of your church community to come and take part in our speaker training. As a certified Hope for Justice speaker, they’ll learn about the scale and devastating impact of human trafficking and how the church can play its part to end it.

Fundraising Pack & Resources

Every year you’ll get a digital or physical pack full of resources and ideas to help hold your own Hope Challenge fundraiser. You’ll also have an exclusive access to our artwork should you wish to order your own banners etc.

Small Group Program

This is a great way for members of your church family to be ‘hands on’. Our groups program is overseen by a dedicated team member and the group in your church will receive ideas and a regular update from Hope for Justice every month.

“I’ve shed tears with devastated fathers as we watched their children play again. I’ve grasped at words of hope for teenage girls just hours after they’d last been abused. And I am ever more resolved that we can end slavery, and that it was always God’s command for us. Let’s end it together.”

Ben Cooley, CEO, Hope for Justice


We can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s work together to rescue and restore victims of trafficking. Start the conversation about your Church Partnership and get in touch today!

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