Khalianna’s Story


Khalianna had trouble at home. Her family was very conservative and restricted what she did and where she went.

In and out of arguments, Khalianna decided to move to the city and take care of herself. She would get a good job and show her family. So, she saved enough money to buy a bus ticket.

On the ride, she met another young girl, who quickly befriended her. They talked on the way about what they would do when they arrived in the big city. At the last rest stop, Khalianna’s new friend offered to jump off and get some sodas. She returned with two bottles of Coke, which they drank.

Unbeknownst to Khalianna, the ‘friend’ had spiked her drink with a sedative that quickly took effect. When they reached the final stop, the ‘friend’ was met by a group of men who took the now drugged Khalianna to a hotel. She was repeatedly raped and told that she must make them money by servicing men.

Months later she was rescued by police and brought to the Hope for Justice Dream Home. Our team helped her to overcome her trauma and shame; she’s learned how to protect herself and rediscovered her future.

Khalianna lives in the city now, runs her own café and is reconciled with her family.
Now she is free.


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