Living in Cambodia with an abusive father barely able to afford one meal a day, Ma Ni* wished for a better future in Thailand – which then became a living nightmare.

As a little girl Ma Ni lived in the Battambang Province in Cambodia with her family. The family were extremely poor, only earning enough to eat one meal a day – they were sometimes so desperate they had to beg their neighbours to feed them. She thought she could provide more finance, but was tricked into slavery.

*name changed and actress used to protect identity


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Maly was sold to a man for her virginity, at just 14 years old. She was extremely abused; by him and by other men he brought to where he kept her captive. Now she is free.

Edward close up

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Edward was beaten, degraded and made to work exhausting hours. One day, he watched helplessly as he was sold by one man to another man for £300. He knew he was a slave. People ask why don’t men like Edward run? The real question is why do they stay?