Internal & External Trafficking

Human trafficking is a national as well as an international problem.

Internal Trafficking

Internal Trafficking

Internal trafficking occurs when a person is recruited in one area of a country or city and moved from area to area or city to city within the same country for the purposes of exploitation. An example would be a runaway girl picked up in Philadelphia, USA who is then driven from truck stop to truck stop up and down America’s East coast to be sold for sex.

External trafficking

 External Trafficking

If a person is trafficked into one country from another country it is case of external trafficking. An example would be a homeless man in Warsaw, Poland who is offered a job in the UK and travels to the UK but then finds himself trapped in forced labour. He is unable to leave because he has no money, can’t speak English and his trafficker has taken his passport.


“Hope for Justice works with all victims of human trafficking. Whether it’s a young girl sold for sex again and again in the city where she grew up or a father who’s travelled overseas trying to support his family at home, we believe in the incredible value of every life.”