Bravery In The Face Of Injustice



Last year, a male foreigner and three female Cambodians were arrested and charged with two counts of sex trafficking of a minor. This trial has been a process for our team and the girls exploited, who were welcomed into Hope for Justice’s Dream Home in Cambodia this past year.

Getting criminal convictions can be a very challenging process, especially when it’s so rare for victims to come forward with their testimonies.

It is a frightening experience for survivors to stand up and testify in court against their perpetrators, sharing the details of their exploitation. That kind of boldness is true bravery, a bravery that is dedicated to justice being served and protecting the lives of other young girls from being exploited.

In March 2015, with the support of Hope for Justice’s staff, the two young women who were exploited in the recent case testified against their perpetrators. Then on March 27th, the court brought justice for the two survivors, sentencing the foreign pedophile to nine years of imprisonment and deportation upon completion of his jail time. The three Cambodian women were each sentenced to three years in jail. In addition to the jail time, the foreign perpetrator and the Cambodian procurer are also required to provide financial compensation to each survivor.


This case was a massive victory for raising the profile and consequences of sex trafficking in Cambodia. We are so proud of the bravery these girls exhibited in the face of such grave injustice.