Welcoming three new girls to the Dream Home in Cambodia

This month we had the pleasure of welcoming three new girls into Hope for Justice’s Dream Home in Cambodia. The Hope for Justice Dream Home is a long-term aftercare facility for girls aged 13-18 rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia.

It’s always a wonderful thing to be able to welcome new girls into the program, each adding something special to the home. Our recent additions are no exception, each being extremely motivated and excited to be a part of the family, their unique gifts and interests have been an inspiration to our team.


Dara* is 16 years old and from the Cambodian countryside, where she use to live with her stepfather after her mother passed away. When Dara first came to the Dream Home in Phnom Penh, she was homesick and suffered from depression. But after only a few weeks at the home, our staff noticed an incredible change in her behavior. Dara is now a smiling beacon, filled with encouragement and building great relationships with the other girls in the program. She loves to learn and is always engaged at class, making sure she’s prepared for any upcoming assignments. Cooking has also become one of her favorite pastimes because of the culinary classes available at our Shine Career School.


Chantou* is 15 years old, Vietnamese, and grew up in a large family in Cambodia. Since her recent arrival at the Dream Home, Chantou has expressed how much she appreciates and loves her new life. She now has the opportunity to learn and grow, and especially enjoys studying Khmer, Cambodia’s primary language. Prior to coming to the Dream Home, Chantou hadn’t received any formal education, but she is working hard to progress and make up for the years she’s missed. She is a very confident girl with a wonderful positive attitude toward life. And she already knows exactly what she wants to do in the future, “I want to be a hairstylist and open my own salon in Phnom Penh.”


Sokha* is 15 years old and our recent third addition to the Dream Home. Sokha is very talented, and motivated to transform her life. She knows how to sew and worked as a tailor for a short period of time, but she doesn’t want to pursue that career path. Instead she is making a great effort to continue her education and be able to read and write well. She has a few different ideas for what to do after graduation, and is working hard at school so she can pursue her dreams in the future.

These three beautiful young women all have very different backgrounds, experiences, and dreams; but they share the common goal of improving their lives and pursuing a hope-filled future. Because of your amazing support for Hope for Justice’s Dream Home in Cambodia, these girls have the chance to help shape their own destinies by becoming strong and independent young women.

*Names changed to protect identity