‘Incredibly Moving and Meaningful’: Investigator Reflects on Her First Rescue Operation


A new investigator at Zoe’s Hub (Midlands, UK) shares about her first rescue operation for Hope for Justice.

“On a gloriously hot summer’s afternoon, I became involved with my first rescue in my new role as an investigator for Hope for Justice.

I met Sian* and her children who had been trafficked into the West Midlands area for the purposes of modern day slavery.

This family had only the clothes and meagre possessions that they had managed to salvage before fleeing from their ‘prison’ to the sanctuary provided for them by Hope for Justice.

Within the space of just 24 hours, they had been removed form a daily grind of indifference, bullying and mistreatment to the promise of a new and happier life within the safe confines of Hope for Justice and our Survivor Support Team.

After having spent some six hours with this dignified family, we passed their care onto the team who would transport them away from the West Midlands area to a safe house.

As we left them, Sian gave me a hug, clung on and as tears welled up in her eyes, she uttered the only words I had heard her say in English – ‘Thank you’.

‘It’s my pleasure’, I replied, ‘you and your sons are safe now’, not quite sure she could understand my words but certain that she understood my return hug. What a thoroughly rewarding day at work!

*Names changed to protect identity