Partnership Working Leads to Three Convictions in Leeds


Hope for Justice’s partnership working with West Yorkshire police has led to another set of convictions.

Back in 2014, Hope for Justice team members from Emma’s Hub supported the police by building trust with two female victims. This gave the victims the confidence to engage with a police enquiry. Follow-on assistance provided by our Survivor Support team ensured that these women were safe and stable and felt able to participate as witnesses in the trial.

In May this year the case came to trial. Elizabetta Patkanyi was found guilty on two counts of controlling prostitution and one count of assault; she was sentenced to six years imprisonment. Iosif Patkanyi and Csenge Avrica Doroczi were found guilty of an assault occasioning ABH and were both sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

Upon sentence the judge said:“There are two very vulnerable victims in this case who have had to experience the most horrendous experiences”.

He went on to praise the work of Hope for Justice and the police;“It is clear that the level of support by the Police and outside agencies that has been provided to these girls far exceeds what would normally be expected. Ultimately these two girls have been given the tools and support that they need to not only escape from prostitution but also to thrive in their new surroundings.”

Officer in charge of the case, Detective Constable John Graham, thanked Hope for Justice staff. He wrote,

“Hope for Justice has been invaluable in many aspects of this case. Without this I am sure that this investigation would not have reached court. I was also impressed with the level of ongoing support and advice that Hope for Justice provided…

From my experiences I strongly believe that Hope for Justice is an organisation that provides a wonderful service for very vulnerable people. It is evident that all of those from Hope for Justice involved in this case really care about what they are doing. This has shown throughout my investigation and has resulted in keeping two very vulnerable girls on board with the Police investigation.”

Speaking from Hope for Justice Head Office in Manchester UK, CEO Ben Cooley said “The length of the sentences given to the defendants in this case gives some indication of how seriously these two women suffered. We hope this conviction will reinforce the message that controlling and exploiting people is intolerable and we will relentlessly pursue perpetrators here in the UK”.