Hope for Justice Opens Office in Norway

Hope for Justice has opened a new office in Stavanger, Norway.
The announcement was made at the ENDAG youth conference in Norway’s capital city, Oslo.

Hope for Justice will be developing programs to establish Norway as a global leader in survivor identification and care. Our focus will be on educating professionals and connecting survivors with existing services. Through structural transformation our team aims to improve the experience of individuals recovering from modern slavery in Norway. CEO Ben Cooley said,

“Everyone deserves to be free. Here in Norway we have an opportunity to construct and strengthen services for current victims and survivors of human trafficking. We have a chance to change their lives for the better.”

Norwegian citizen and anti-slavery advocate, Sondre Hoysaeter, has been appointed as Norway Director. He has years of experience working with vulnerable people. Mr Hoysaeter said,

“We believe that by ending slavery here at home, Norway can set an example for the world. Human trafficking is an issue for developed nations as well as developing nations and we can pioneer a model here that informs the global fight against injustice.”

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