Hope for Justice Chosen For Cambodian Educational Pilot

9 Grade Pilot

Hope for Justice in Cambodia are launching the Ministry of Education’s 9th Grade Accreditation Programme at Shine School from November. The 9th Grade Certificate is the formal educational milestone that Cambodian students aspire to attain. As part of a Government pilot, Hope for Justice has been chosen as the first NGO to deliver the curriculum in one year instead of the usual three.

“This accelerated study is made possible by the small class sizes, longer and more focused hours of study, and a team of highly qualified teachers available at the Shine School”, commented Cambodia Country Director Kathryn Moorehead.

“What’s so exciting about this pilot is that it shows the girls at our school what we have believed for a long time – that they are not just survivors but that they can go on to be world-changers. Hope for Justice is committed to opening up access to education and giving every girls that passes through our doors a chance to get an education that they can be proud of, one that can be a firm foundation for a bright future”.

Older students, many of whom have chosen to pursue a vocational track, can also choose to complete the 9th Grade Accreditation Programme to increase their employment opportunities if they want.

Shine Career School serves all the girls in our restorative care homes. Every girl in our program studies Khmer, English, math, science, and computer technology and then goes on to find her dream. We arrange training for rescued girls in any career field they choose and act to overcome the gap in training choices by making sure that wherever they go for training provides a high quality learning environment.

Shine also offers intensive high school tutoring, where girls can catch up on their education, go on to receive their diploma and then attend University if they choose. We also assist graduates in job placement or business start-up.

Shine mirrors all other parts of our program model by being fully social work-focused and trauma-informed.

Our specialist staff is working toward healthy reintegration into Cambodian society for each girl and seeking to empower her through education and life skills training.