Generation Freedom Coalition Calls On US Presidential Candidates to Fight Human Trafficking


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  • The next President of the United States has an historic opportunity to use the power of the Oval Office to help eradicate modern slavery in the US and around the world.

    Generation Freedom is a groundbreaking new coalition to end human trafficking calling on everyone who wants to be Commander-in-Chief to make anti-trafficking efforts a a priority for their Administration and to join us to end human trafficking.

    This coalition unites the grassroots power of more than 70 organizations spanning human rights, international advocacy, and sector representatives. Member organizations, including Hope for Justice, issued statements of support this week as Generation Freedom calls on all Americans to sign a petition that asks presidential candidates to make ending human trafficking a top priority.

    The coalition is calling on – Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich, to pledge their support for increasing funding to combat human trafficking in the United States and commit their Administration to spending $3 billion each year toward building a coordinated program to take on human trafficking nationwide and around the globe.

    Slavery is illegal in every country in the world, but cases of forced labor and sex trafficking are found all around the globe, including in all 50 states here in America. Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world. Traffickers are estimated to make more than $150 billion dollars in profits off of human misery every year.

    Strategies are emerging to fight this crime, however, current U.S. government funding is insufficient to fight this crime and to meet the needs of victims and survivors. In fact, U.S. government investments are only $150 million a year. That means traffickers make 1,000 times more in profits off this heinous crime every year than we invest to stop them.

    The next President of the United States has an historic opportunity to bring the fight to traffickers all around the world and free millions from modern slavery. With bold and sustained American leadership, we can be the generation that ends human trafficking and modern slavery.



    The Generation Freedom Platform

    “Commit two cents for freedom.

    If the U.S. government were to allocate just two cents to fight trafficking for every dollar traffickers make that would yield a budget of $3 billion (USD) which holds the promise of liberating millions now in forced labor and preventing modern slavery on a global scale.

    We are asking the next President to reflect this commitment in the President’s Budget Request and work with Congress to see it appropriated. Funds should be allocated to both domestic and international efforts, for a comprehensive response including prevention efforts, victim identification, law enforcement and prosecution, improving data collection and analysis, providing comprehensive services, and leadership development for survivors.

    Ensure our tax dollars don’t support modern slavery.

    Federal contractors are required by law and Executive Orders to create and implement comprehensive anti-trafficking measures throughout their product and service supply chains. Proactive enforcement measures are needed to ensure that trafficking in the federal supply chain will be eliminated. The next President should establish protocols to ensure rigorous enforcement of these promising provisions.

    Leverage access to U.S. markets to free people.

    To date, a country’s policy and practice on protecting its people from human trafficking is not considered when granting access to U.S. markets. Robust enforceable action against human trafficking must be included in all trade agreements. Experience in other sectors indicates that enforcing bans on illicit goods yields dramatic results.

    Use all the powers of the Presidency.

    The United States dialogue on modern slavery must be elevated, unequivocal and persistent, especially with countries where human trafficking is most prevalent. The next President and Secretary of State could send a powerful signal by keeping the issue on the high level agenda. From experience, we know that serious engagement by senior U.S. government officials can drive rapid, concrete action by lagging governments. We should use our foreign assistance, convening power and power within international financial institutions to promote enforcement of anti-trafficking laws.

    Support business incentives.

    Suppliers of goods made with forced labor should be held accountable and must take steps to remove modern slavery from their supply chains. While supply chains can be very complex, multinational corporations routinely monitor complex supply chains to ensure product quality and enhance profitability. This diligence and creativity should be extended to addressing human trafficking. Public policy should provide incentives that reward diligence and exact costs for negligence or malfeasance.

    Establish programs to protect particularly vulnerable populations.

    Targeted safe places and appropriate services that address the unique vulnerabilities of children and runaway and homeless youth to sex and labor trafficking are critical and critically underfunded. Migrant or foreign workers are also highly susceptible to human trafficking. To address the potential for fraud in the recruitment of foreign workers, foreign labor contractors should be prohibited from charging recruitment fees to workers, subjected to increased transparency measures, and clear, regularly enforced and effective remedies for violations. They should also ensure core rights for all temporary work visa holders including whistle-blower protections, visa portability and the right to change employers. Human trafficking is a human rights abuse that cuts across all ages, ethnicities, and genders worldwide and programming to address prevention, protection and access to justice should be made available to all who are vulnerable to this crime.

    Strengthen efforts to prevent human trafficking.

    The U.S. government has many tools to address the root causes of vulnerability to trafficking through development and humanitarian assistance. However, many of these tools go underutilized and underfunded. The United States should seek to integrate anti-trafficking efforts into wider U.S. foreign assistance programs and continue to find ways to comprehensively address all forms of trafficking through U.S. foreign assistance and domestic programs that address the root causes of vulnerability to trafficking and exploitation.

    Ensure protection, inclusion, and support for all victims of human trafficking.

    It is essential that survivors of human trafficking are recognized as victims and not criminalized for the crimes they are forced to commit by their exploiters. Additionally, efforts must be made to promote and elevate survivor voice; including survivors at all levels and stages of government decision and policy-making. Most importantly, survivors require and deserve access to comprehensive, trauma-informed services necessary to ensure survivor healing. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

    Ensure accountability and learning through measurement.

    The U.S. government should take the lead in promoting measurement of trafficking for sexual exploitation and forced labor and programs aimed at ending all forms of modern slavery. Investing in measurement is essential to designing good policies and programs, learning from experience and accountability. The U.S. government could make a tremendous contribution by providing the resources and political support needed to measure change.”



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    • Statements of Support

      It’s my honor to partner with the Generation Freedom campaign to encourage citizens nationwide to ask the next President of the United States to commit $3 billion in annual funding for anti-trafficking efforts. As the co-founder of Hope for Justice, our organization is committed to the rescue and restoration of victims both internationally and right here in the United States. We believe our government has the ability to escalate the effectiveness of qualified organizations across the country by providing more available funding. This cause is more urgent than ever and we pray that victims would be freed from bondage and that slavery would be eradicated forever.”
      – Natalie Grant, Co-Founder of Hope for Justice, anti-trafficking advocate and Grammy nominated Christian and Gospel artist –

      As Americans choose their next leader, International Justice Mission is proud to join United Way and other partners in the Generation Freedom campaign raising one of the most urgent and critical issues facing our world today: modern-day slavery. We speak for nearly 36 million enslaved children, women, and men, who cannot speak for themselves. It is our hope that Americans across the nation will join us in asking those who would lead to commit to taking bold action to end modern slavery.
      – Gary Haugen, Founder and CEO, International Justice Mission –

      Human trafficking is rampant across the United States and the next President must take bold leadership to eradicate this crime. Today, victims service providers need the capacity to reach and serve more survivors. Law enforcement needs better tools and data to stop traffickers from harming more people. It is exciting to be part of a broad-based initiative that encourages Presidential leadership and advocates for greater resources to address these gaps in the years to come.
      – Bradley Myles, CEO, Polaris –

      We at Love146 live by the principle that it will take legions of people, activists, and organizations of all stripes to end human trafficking, and we are pleased to be a part of this important coalition. Generation Freedom is an unprecedented effort that has the potential of uniting grassroots power to compel presidential action to achieve this incredible goal.
      – Jim Ehrman, Executive Director, North America, Love146 –

      Human trafficking is one of the most rampant and yet under addressed human rights issues in our time. Today, there are more than 20 million victims of human trafficking around the world. That means that there are people trapped in slavery today at an all-time high in human history. Trafficking victims are men and women, they’re adults and children, they’re U.S. citizens and they’re foreign nationals. Human trafficking has become one of the fastest criminal enterprises, the fastest-growing criminal enterprises in the world. It’s estimated that traffickers make about $150 billion every year of human misery. And it’s not just an overseas problem, there have been reported cases in every state in the United States and that’s why we’re launching Generation Freedom campaign today.”
      – Brian Gallagher, President and CEO, United Way Worldwide –

      The United States is incredibly powerful when it exercises leadership in the service of great moral purpose. The persistence of slavery is a profound evil afflicting tens of millions of people. The next President of the United States has the opportunity to be the Great Emancipator of the 21st century by laying the foundation for the global eradication of slavery.”
      – Maurice I. Middleberg, Executive Director, Free the Slaves –

      The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) is proud to endorse Generation Freedom’s platform as part of the continuing fight to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery. We hope that all of the presidential candidates will consider signing onto the platform, which presents a strong plan for how the next Administration can combat these heinous crimes.
      – William Daroff, JFNA Senior Vice President for Public Policy and Director of the Washington Office –


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