Survivors Use Their Freedom To Help Others


Four students from our Shine Career School recently volunteered at a public health event in rural Cambodia.

Hoping to give back to the community, the girls traveled with some of our staff members to Kampong Cham Province to support a medical charity offering vital check-ups and simple, life-saving information to local people. Using false names to protect their identities, the girls worked side by side with doctors, nurses and medical students.

Rotating around different stations, each girl helped with activities including registering participants and assisting doctors in the Check-Up Area.

The girls excelled in the Hygiene Area, where they taught hand washing and tooth brushing. There were hundreds of kids from the community and surrounding areas so during waiting times, our students taught them games and songs and shared about children’s rights in Cambodia.

It’s so inspiring to see these girls use their new found freedom to so quickly think of others
that they can help.

Dream Home Operations Director Sorida Sbong said, “They see people in need and like to support them in different ways… It helped them with their communication and relationship skills. They were able to assist small children, medical staff, and an entire community.”

The girls shared what a blessing it was to see grandmothers accept their help.

One of the girls said, “I want to go back!” and another said “The trip was exhausting, but so much fun!


How will you use your freedom?