Hope for Justice’s new Chairman ready to build on recent successes


Peter Elson

Hope for Justice has today announced the appointment of Peter Elson as its new Chairman.

Peter is the Global Head of Space and Chief Operating Officer at JLT Specialty Aerospace, and Chief Operating Officer at Hayward Aviation Limited. He first got involved with Hope for Justice four years ago, after being connected with the charity’s CEO, Ben Cooley.

Peter said of his appointment: “I feel very privileged to have been offered this role, and also to have the support of the outgoing chairman as well as the rest of the Board and the executive team. I hope we can collectively keep the organisation on the incredible path on which it’s been so well set since its inception.”

Recounting his impressions after first meeting Hope for Justice’s staff when he joined the Board 18 months ago, Peter explained: “What was tremendously impressive was that the passion and the dedication and the commitment wasn’t just confined to Ben – the staff were so motivated, and such high-quality people, that having been hooked by Ben’s enthusiasm into working with him, I then felt hooked into the organisation too. It shows the power of the mission, and the staff absolutely exude dedication to it.”

Ben Cooley said: “We are so pleased and excited to announce Peter’s appointment as Chairman. He has the perfect skillbase and the vital experience that this important role requires, coupled with a passion to end slavery. Hope for Justice values his talents and profoundly appreciates the vital work done by Peter and our entire board.

“I also want to say a personal thank you to the outgoing chairman, Rob White, who was so instrumental in the foundation of the charity and its incredible expansion in the years since.”

Some of Hope for Justice's successes this year, highlighted in our new Year In Review report

Some of Hope for Justice’s successes this year, highlighted in our new Year In Review report

Peter said that like many people, he had not previously been aware of the scale and proximity of modern slavery in Britain. But Hope for Justice opened his eyes to the “real tragedy of the situations of people who find themselves in really awful circumstances of slavery, suffering and despair”.

Peter takes over the role of Chairman from Rob White. He praised the strong foundations built by Rob and Marion White and other board members, and noted that the Board is full of “extraordinarily experienced and talented people, who are really well-positioned to take the organisation to the next level”.

robwhite-smallerRob White (pictured, right) said: “Having been part, alongside my wife Marion, of the founding of Hope for Justice, and serving as Chairman, I want to say what a great adventure it’s been. It has been a pleasure working in partnership with Ben Cooley, whose vision and leadership we have admired.

“I want to pay tribute to all Board members, both present and past, and I’m delighted that Peter Elson has agreed to become Chairman. I wish him all wisdom as he takes this role. Here’s to many more good years ahead as Hope for Justice continues its fight against slavery.”

You can find out more about the rest of Hope for Justice’s Board and its executive team by clicking here.

About Peter

Peter Elson BA (Hons), FRSA – Global Head of Space, Chief Operating Officer JLT Specialty Limited Aerospace, Chief Operating Officer Hayward Aviation Limited

Peter began his career in 1985 at Leslie & Godwin working on airline and aerospace risks. After an intervening year at Crawley Warren, Peter returned to his former employer in 1994 – by then part of the Aon Group – where he performed roles including Chief Operating Officer and Senior Managing Director with overall leadership of its worldwide space divisions.

During the course of his career Peter has worked with most of the world’s leading global and regional spacecraft operators, as well as space agencies, launch service providers, rocket and satellite manufacturers.

Peter has a BA (Honours) degree in Economics and Politics from the University of York. He is an EMCC-accredited Executive Coach, visiting university lecturer, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He has served on a UK Ministry of Justice appointed Independent Monitoring Board and as a Deacon of a local church.

Peter is married to Sue, who retired early from her role as a paediatric oncology nurse to focus on voluntary work with children and families. They have three children: Charles, who works for an investment bank in the City of London; Olivia, who works for a management consulting company and specialises in international development; and Max, who is in his final year of school, studying for the International Baccalaureate. Peter travels extensively around the world and enjoys swimming, cycling, running – occasionally together in triathlon – golf, reading, and entertaining.