Why we support Hope for Justice – by April and Jay Pointer


“Many years ago we were made aware of the atrocity of modern-day slavery; human beings being bought and sold for sex, exploitation and forced labor. We learned that half of these people are children and that it happens in nearly every country of the world, including the United States, our home.

“We immediately joined the fight against human trafficking. We decided that getting educated, raising awareness, taking action and praying were all very effective ways to fight in this battle. When we found Hope for Justice, we knew they were someone we wanted to partner with, as they met those four criteria that we believed to be the most effective to help people find hope, healing and justice.

“They’ve rescued and restored many people through their programs, and we are thankful for organizations carrying out the mission to free those in modern-day slavery. Though the need is great, our God is greater. We know and trust He is working out the details of every single person held against their will, tricked into slavery or feel trapped with no way out. We believe in this organization fully and are grateful to them for allowing God to move through them and rescue those who need rescuing. No doubt they have been the answered prayer for every single person they have been able to deliver from bondage.”

— April and Jay Pointer