Catch-up education: The door to future possibilities in Ethiopia

Hope for Justice staff in Ethiopia have had an article published in Enabling Education Review 6, a special issue on street-connected young people and inclusive education, which highlights some outstanding successes in our projects.

The article was a joint effort by Country Director Lynn Kay, teachers and street outreach workers Biruktawit Yohannes and Berhanu Sintayehu, and by social worker responsible for youth in vocational training, Yoseph Alebachew.

It describes the overall objectives and structure of the programme, and its truly impressive results: after having reintegrated hundreds of children, 80% are still with their families and at school two years after reintegration. Many have passed the National Exam to allow them to progress to high school (Years 8-10) or preparatory school (Years 11-12). Some go on to achieve outstanding results and have been accepted into university.

In exit interviews, the catch-up classes are frequently praised by the children, leaving them eager to learn, reading in their free time rather than playing sport, and choosing to do assignments to hasten their progress.

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