New Job Readiness initiative reduces survivors’ vulnerability to exploitation

At Hope for Justice, we know from experience that good-quality employment is a key factor in restoration and reducing survivors’ vulnerability to future exploitation. Our new Job Readiness Programme in Cambodia aims to do just that.

The Shine Career School is already benefiting many girls and young women with its trauma-informed, high quality tuition approach. The new Job Readiness Programme focuses specifically on giving students skills to stand out in an often competitive professional environment.

For many survivors of trafficking and modern slavery, reintegrating into the ‘real world’ after being trapped in exploitation and being in sheltered support comes with significant challenges. Without the right preparation, these challenges can risk undoing the recovery which has taken years for trauma-survivors to achieve. Our team have found that survivors particularly struggle to stand out from other candidates when faced with demands of the workplace and miss out on vital employment for which they have great potential.

The Job Readiness Programme has been developed to equip our students for success in the workplace. The programme works with students for three months as they focus on key personal attributes, including their work ethic, teamwork skills and taking initiative. Students learn important job-searching and interview skills and will even participate in live interviews with business partners; giving them experience that will truly help them stand out from the crowd.

The continued support from Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports means students who complete the Job Readiness Programme will receive nationally recognised certification, further drawing the attention of prospective employers. This will particularly benefit Shine School Students who need to work while attending University, as this certificate can be presented to employers prior to completion of studies to increase their chances of finding part-time work.

We are hopeful that this new initiative will help take every girl and young woman we work with one step closer to building a sustainable lifestyle and achieving their dreams for the future.