Vulnerable children rescued from the streets – now SAFE

We are CELEBRATING today because our team have rescued four children aged between 11 and 15 from the streets of Kampala! All of them were intensely vulnerable to predators and traffickers and some had already suffered immense cruelty and violence. They were hungry and shivering – they had seen things that children should never see.
Three days on from their rescue, the boys and girls are now SAFE and being assessed and rehabilitated at our local Lighthouses in Uganda, so we can come up with long-term plans for them all to get them back to their families and family-based care.
They are all desperate for safety and for education, and one of the girls, Betty*, wants to become a nurse. Unfortunately she was kicked out of her school when her grandparents couldn’t pay the fees, and she has been on the streets ever since. We hope we can help her to achieve her dream.
*Name changed to protect identity