Global news coverage of Hope for Justice’s work

Hope for Justice’s role in the smashing of the organised criminal gang at the centre of the UK’s largest-ever trafficking case, working closely with West Midlands Police and other partners, has made global news headlines.

The long-running case, initiated after Hope for Justice’s investigators shared intelligence with police about a suspected crime gang in early 2015, ended on Friday July 5th with the sentencing of the gang members to a combined 55-and-a-half years in prison.

Some of the news coverage is illustrated below:

The story was covered in every national UK newspaper and news programme, plus many international ones too, including CNN, the New York Times, Fox News, and many others.

Hope for Justice staff were interviewed by media outlets including:

-BBC News Channel

CNN Freedom Project interview with Ben Cooley plus a special investigation titled ‘The charity worker who helped dismantle the UK’s largest slavery network

-BBC World

-Sunday Times

-Channel 4 News

-BBC Radio 4 PM programme

-Sky News

-BBC Online



-BBC Scotland’s ‘The Nine’