22-year-old woman rescued from sex trafficking

A 22-year-old woman is safe at a rehabilitation center after Hope for Justice’s US investigations team rescued her from sex trafficking.

A trafficker had been using drugs to control Kaylee*, forcing her into prostitution at hotels around Nashville, Tennessee, and profiting from her exploitation.

Kaylee* contacted global anti-trafficking organization Hope for Justice for help and was rescued from a street corner in Nashville before being taken to a safe house.

One of the charity’s investigators said: “Kaylee bravely reached out for help. She was in a desperate situation – she said she needed to escape from a man who was using her and forcing her into sex and prostitution. The trafficker had been using drugs to create dependency and to force her into compliance. He was using this as a control mechanism to manipulate her movements.

“We arranged a rescue. She was extremely distressed when she was located and concerned that her trafficker would discover that she had contacted us.

“We provided reassurance and took her to a safe place, a non-profit rehabilitation center for trafficking victims.”

Kaylee is receiving trauma-informed care, shelter, food, clothing, intervention support and more.

Hope for Justice’s US team is continuing to work with the victim to identify the trafficker and to build an investigation.

*Name changed to protect identity of victim