Break The Cycle 200 joins the Hope for Justice family

We are thrilled to announce that one of the most dedicated and passionate organizations we know in the fight against human trafficking, Break the Cycle 200, is now officially part of the Hope for Justice family!

Today in Iowa, a group of cyclists are in the middle of an incredible 200-mile bike ride in a single day to raise funds for life-changing anti-trafficking work – the 10th year in a row that these events have taken place. What began as a single ride called the OK200 has grown to encompass similar events happening in other states too, alongside relay runs, virtual rides and workout competitions.

BTC200, which organizes and promotes these events, has been donating towards the work of Hope for Justice for a number of years but following a strategic review and careful evaluation between our Boards, we realized the huge amount of added value that could be created by BTC200 becoming part of the Hope for Justice family.

Ben Cooley, Hope for Justice CEO, said: “We are truly delighted to welcome Break The Cycle 200 to the Hope for Justice family as we look to a bigger and more impactful future. We have seen the energy and determination of the leadership team and each individual rider to make a change in the world and we are profoundly grateful that they want to put all that energy directly into Hope for Justice’s mission to bring an end to modern slavery.”

We are excited to share more about this over the coming months – for today, please join us in welcoming BTC200 and supporting the cyclists in Iowa as they summon up every ounce of strength, endurance and resilience to manage the full 200 miles as part of this movement to change lives and end slavery!

Photography by Katie Lindgren Photography