Musicians unite to raise awareness and funds for anti-trafficking efforts


With a heart to help those in dire need, Nashville based Warehouse West Entertainment is partnering with Hope for Justice, a global leader in the anti-trafficking movement, to bring together musical artists for a special, live benefit concert, Songs For Freedom – June 12 & 13, 2020.

With the onset of COVID-19, the work of Hope for Justice, which reached 71,953 children through different programs last year, had to drastically change. As a nonprofit, Hope for Justice’s funding comes primarily from individual donors and fundraising events which all had to be cancelled. Warehouse West is stepping up to span the gap by creating an online concert for both artists on their label and not.

One of the artists, Maggie Miles, said, “To be part of shining a light on modern slavery felt like a decision that was simple to accept. But it was when I leaned in closer and got to meet the people behind this organization and see their hearts so obvious in this movement, that I felt the heaviness of its importance. Hope for Justice is about so much more than just ending human trafficking, it is about restoring lives, giving a young boy or girl their childhood back, and the reconciliation of so many affected by dark cloud that is sex trafficking. I am grateful to play such a small part in educating others, using music to spread awareness the existence and destruction of human trafficking.”

With offices in Nashville, and more than 30 locations across the globe, Hope for Justice’s specialist teams work to identify victims of trafficking and remove them from exploitation and into safety. Through aftercare facilities, called Lighthouses, individuals are given tailored restorative support initiatives, including educational programs, trauma and medical care, to meet the vital needs all the way through to safe reunion with their family. Lighthouses are staffed with social workers, teachers, medical professionals and more specialist staff to serve those in care.

Ed LeMieux of Hope for Justice shared: “Last year alone, 1,014 children were safely brought home to their families. We are honored and humbled that because of this event more lives will be forever changed.”

Warehouse West Entertainment is an independent artist development, music publishing, and management company based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Songs For Freedom live event will be streamed across Instagram on Hope for Justice and artists’ pages on June 12 & 13, starting at 7pm (Central Time).

Artists Include:

Alana Springsteen
Claire Ernst
Daniel Heffington
Dylan Rockoff
Grayson Moon
Jonathan Plevyak
Jordan Brooker
Maggie Miles
Tolan Shaw
Tracie Lynn
Willie Shaw