Survivor of sexual exploitation gives birth to baby girl in Hope for Justice’s care

A young mother has given birth to a beautiful baby girl thanks to the medical care and interventions of staff at one of Hope for Justice’s Lighthouses.

Suzan*, a survivor of sexual exploitation, first came into our care in October last year when seeking an escape from the streets of Kampala, Uganda’s capital, where she was selling vegetables to survive.

Initial medical examinations, which the charity’s nurses carry out at the time of each child’s enrolment, revealed that Suzan was two months pregnant.

The mother-to-be was initially housed at Bulamu Lighthouse – a safe haven and aftercare centre – before being transferred to Mary Lighthouse, which recently opened to provide care specifically for young girls who have been victims of trafficking.

A manager at Mary Lighthouse, said: “Medics decided that a C-section procedure was the best option to save the mother and baby. Suzan successfully gave birth two months ago. She has been blessed with a baby girl, and we are delighted that mother and baby are both in a stable condition and doing really well.

“Suzan is adjusting to child-motherhood. Since being in our care, she has grown in confidence and responsibility. Prior to delivery, she had even taken on the role of Lighthouse Children’s Welfare representative. Additionally, she has regained her self-worth and acquired practical and survival skills, including love and care.

“Hope for Justice has helped Suzan to prepare for child-motherhood through interactive sessions, counselling therapy and life skills sessions. Continuous interactions are helping her to prepare for being reunited back with her family soon.”

At Mary Lighthouse, Suzan has benefited from various restorative activities including catch-up education, practical skills such as baking, cooking, hairdressing and tailoring, games and sports, group work and also medical care, including antenatal and postnatal care.

Lighthouse staff worked together with other medical professionals to provide specialised support for Suzan to ensure a safe delivery.

Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) provided an ambulance on two occasions, including when Suzan was admitted to hospital ahead of giving birth.

*Name changed to protect identity of victim