Celebrating five years of our Cambodia Lighthouse — 300 lives changed

This week we have been celebrating FIVE YEARS of Hope for Justice’s Lighthouse in Cambodia, our short-term assessment and transition facility for young victims of sex trafficking, forced labour or forced marriage in the days and weeks immediately after rescue.

Our intensive program provides crisis support, family and community assessments, clinical interventions and collaborative planning with government agencies to prepare survivors for reintegration into their communities or longer-term aftercare.

To mark the fifth birthday, the staff and the girls currently living at the Lighthouse enjoyed games, making fun party hats and of course birthday cake.

Since September 2015, nearly 300 children have been served at the Lighthouse after being rescued from trafficking or intense vulnerability to trafficking. We have also supported dozens of girls through the prosecution process, during which survivors have bravely testified in court against their perpetrators.  Today, it is one of a growing network of 11 Hope for Justice Lighthouses globally.

Our Cambodia Director, Maggie Crewes, said: “It’s incredible that so many lives have been changed. And this figure of 293 children directly served does not count all of the other children and families who have been impacted by Hope for Justice’s interventions in that time that have strengthened them to stand firm and prevent other children and adults be trafficked.”

In February, Maggie signed an official agreement to continue our partnership with the Cambodian government for another three years in the fight against human trafficking. 

Thank you to all those who have supported Hope for Justice all these years to make lives changed a reality – to make ending slavery that bit closer in Cambodia and around the world.