Sreynoy’s Story: How a radio show led to rescue

When Sreynoy came to our Lighthouse in Cambodia, she still had cuts and bruises all over her face inflicted by her trafficker.

For three long years, beginning when she was just 14, she had been made to work from dawn until late at night, cooking, cleaning, serving, shopping. If she said she needed to rest, or didn’t do things quickly enough, her boss would beat her severely with a shoe or a stick or whatever heavy object was to hand.

Sreynoy thought she was earning $100 a month and that it was being sent to her mom – but she was not allowed to contact her family.

The turning point came thanks to a radio show that she overheard in the house, dealing with the subject of exploitation and abuse. Sreynoy realized that her experiences were a complete match.

She was not allowed out often, but when she was sent to the market for food, she took her chance. She found her way to the radio station that broadcast the show and told the person at the front desk about her experiences. The police were called, and then social workers referred her to our Lighthouse – our staff drove late into the night to pick her up and get her to safety. Our intake officer was shocked at how battered and bruised Sreynoy looked.

She is now safe with us, receiving medical care and counseling and getting stabilized after her three-year nightmare. Her mom has had contact with her daughter now and no – she never received a cent.

Set free after three awful years as a domestic slave.

The perpetrator, thankfully, has been imprisoned.

*Name and image changed to protect the survivor’s identity