Freedom for 14-year-old after 3 years as domestic slave

After spending three years held captive as a domestic slave, a 14-year-old boy has finally been reunited with his parents.

Tuiso*, who grew up in Southern Ethiopia, was 11 when his parents sent him to live with an aunt who had promised him a better life. His parents didn’t have permanent jobs, and struggled to provide for their son.

However, when Tuiso arrived, he was forced to work for free. He was not allowed to go to school, or go out to play with other children. He developed a skin infection, but was not taken to a doctor.

After three long years, Tuiso bravely took his chance to run away. But he couldn’t remember the way home. One of Hope for Justice’s team found him on the streets a month later, and took him to one of our Lighthouses.

We supported Tuiso for two and a half months, providing counselling sessions to allow him to begin to recover. We treated his skin infection, and offered catch-up lessons. We worked hard to find Tuiso’s family, as he was keen to return to them. His mother and father were delighted when we subsequently reunited the family.

Our staff also gave the family a helping hand to begin a new chapter. As well as providing Tuiso’s parents with training on child protection and the risk of trafficking, we offered training on how to run a small business. We then offered a loan, allowing Tuiso’s mother to open a shop selling salt, sugar and other essentials. Tuiso is now back at school.

*Name has been changed to protect survivor’s identity 

Tuiso has now been reunited with his family