Freedom for man who was abused and kept as domestic slave

Hope has returned for a Polish man trafficked to the UK, who has found freedom after being abused and kept as a domestic slave.

Marcin* was sleeping rough when he was offered a lifeline by a man promising him food, a job, and a roof over his head in the UK.

But when Marcin arrived, he was shocked to find he had to live with the man and his family in poor conditions, and had to sleep on the floor. The man told Marcin he owed him £200 for his flight, and that he had to pay for food. Each day, Marcin was given only a slice of bread and some soup to eat. He was forced to hand over his wages, and was beaten by the man and his parents in front of his four children.

But the nightmare did not stop there. Marcin also had to do the family’s housework and shopping for free. Marcin escaped once, but the man found him and lured him back, promising better food and living conditions. Once he was back under their control, the family once again beat Marcin until he was covered in bruises and blood.

After three months of hunger, pain and terror, Marcin courageously took a chance. He said he was going shopping, but instead asked for help at a hotel.

Marcin was referred to Hope for Justice and our team offered him support, visiting him every day in his temporary accommodation. Our expert team explained to Marcin the different options he could take to start rebuilding his life after his ordeal, as well as providing him with food, clothes and other essentials. We supported Marcin following his decision to stay in the UK. With the help of our team, Marcin has now begun a new chapter; one of freedom.

*Name changed and image posed by model to protect the identity of the survivor