UK Government launches public register of Modern Slavery Statements

The UK Government has just launched a public register of all Modern Slavery Statements. This is a huge step forward in transparency and businesses will need to adapt or risk falling behind.

For the first time, a business’s customers, competitors and the general public will be able to see in one simple, central place the steps it is taking to combat the risk of modern slavery – or that it is not taking steps at all.

With consumers and those procuring services paying more attention to modern slavery preparedness among those they do business with, this new register increases the pressure on all companies to do better and to be seen to be doing better.

If you care about buying slave-free products, check this Register before making purchases from big companies. See what they’re doing about modern slavery. If they aren’t on there, ask why not. While the legislation only demands that companies turning over more than £36m have a Modern Slavery Statement, it is something that ALL businesses should seek to do if they care about this issue.

View the newly-launched register here. As it’s only just been launched, currently only Government departments and agencies have added their Modern Slavery Statements, but we expect to see the best businesses adding their Statements imminently:

If you work for or represent a business, Slave-Free Alliance offers expert consultancy in creating modern slavery strategies and drafting effective Modern Slavery Statements, alongside training, gap analysis, site assessment and a range of other services. Get in touch today to improve your Modern Slavery Statement and be prepared for this new era of transparency. Call 0300 008 0044 or email