Sisters who were trafficked and made homeless set for self-sufficient future

The lives and futures of three sisters have been transformed, after one was trafficked and all three were later made homeless.

Hope for Justice has provided unwavering support to the siblings, after 16-year-old Adonyo* was forced into domestic labour in Uganda, and later when she and her sisters, 20-year-old Aloo* and 14-year-old Ijoma* found themselves evicted and alone.

The girls’ mother struggled to care for her children, as she didn’t have a regular job. A neighbour persuaded her to let Adonyo move to the city for a better life. But Adonyo was then forced to work for no pay, and beaten badly. She bravely escaped, and was taken in and cared for four months by the team at one of our Lighthouses.

After searching out her family, we reunited them with Adonyo, and arranged training for her at a hairdressing salon. We provided the girls’ mother with a grant to start a vegetable stall, to safeguard the family’s future.

But then the area was placed into Covid-19 lockdown. The business collapsed and the girls’ mother was forced to spend everything she had on feeding her family. Unable to pay rent, the family were then evicted, and their mother disappeared.

Our team, who were still in regular contact with Adonyo, then stepped in again and provided a new home for the girls. We enabled Aloo to start her own food stall, to ensure the sisters had a second chance at a self-sufficient future.

We will continue to support Aloo with her business, which is progressing well, and Adonyo as she continues with her training.

Adonyo now dreams of starting her own salon, and working with her two sisters in the future.

*Names and image have been changed to protect survivors’ identities