12-year-old girl safe after being trafficked abroad by aunt

A child who was trafficked into another country is now safe, thanks to our Uganda team, who searched tirelessly for her family in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for four months.

12-year-old Chosen* was living with her grandmother in DRC after her mother died. With no contact from Chosen’s father, the family was struggling to make ends meet. So when Chosen’s aunt promised her the chance of a better life in Uganda, Chosen’s grandmother agreed.

But Chosen’s aunt then forced her to hawk clothes in a Ugandan city for around four months, until one day, she lost her aunt in a market. A kind stranger took her to the police station, from where she was taken in by Hope for Justice at one of our Lighthouses.

For five months, our expert team cared for and supported Chosen. We provided catch-up lessons, and encouraged her to take part in games and activities to restore her confidence. Chosen also successfully completed a life skills course.

We also worked hard to find Chosen’s grandmother, collaborating with the police and our network of contacts. Upon discovering that Chosen’s aunt had moved back to DRC, we did not give up, but approached another social worker who had contacts in the country. After four months of searching, to Chosen’s joy, we found her grandmother at last.

Chosen and her grandmother are now happily reunited in DRC. Chosen is looking forward to returning to school, and dreams of becoming a doctor. We keep regularly in touch with her grandmother to ensure they continue to do well.

*Name and photo have been changed to protect the identity of the individual