The Archers actress to present Hope for Justice’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal this week

This week’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal will be presented by the actress Annabelle Dowler on behalf of our charity Hope for Justice. It will be broadcast twice on Sunday 25 July at 07.54 and 21.25 and on Thursday 29 July at 15.27.

Annabelle plays Kirsty in BBC Radio 4’s popular, long running drama The Archers. Her character recently played a key role in a storyline about modern slavery, which highlighted how human trafficking is taking place in our communities around the UK.

Hope for Justice advised on The Archers storyline and Annabelle wanted to support the work that we do to end slavery not only around the UK but around the world, particularly in Ethiopia.

For more information about the BBC Radio 4 Appeal for Hope for Justice please see Annabelle’s film below.

Annabelle first truly understood the ugly reality of modern slavery when reading a script, in which her character Kirsty discovered that her husband Philip was using men to work for him for free.

Annabelle said: “This was as enormous a shock to me as it was to Kirsty. I simply had no idea that modern slavery was happening in our own communities, right here in the UK.

“I also found out that there are around 40 million people worldwide trapped in forms of modern slavery, such as forced labour. My children are aged eight and 11. Unbelievably, some victims of modern slavery are children the same age.

“I then found out more about how Hope for Justice changes the lives of children who have been exploited and trafficked in Ethiopia.  I was so moved by the stories of these children and their extraordinary bravery.”

Update: Donations to this appeal have now closed. You can still give to Hope for Justice’s work around the world at