Protecting vulnerable children during Uganda’s lockdown, and beyond

Hope for Justice in Uganda is playing a vital role in a joint effort to care for vulnerable children during the country’s second Covid-19 lockdown.

Our local team is working with the city authority and other NGOs to provide emergency shelter and care to more than 150 children who were living on the streets of the capital, Kampala.

The children were rescued and are now staying in one of the city’s schools. A Hope for Justice nurse and social worker are part of the on-site team, providing vital medical care and support. Our team also provided medical supplies, and blankets for the children.

Florence Soyekwo

Some of the children have been trafficked, and abandoned by their captors after the new lockdown restrictions came into place. The children were under the threat of violence from security personnel who are enforcing the lockdown, in an effort to clear them from the streets.

Florence Soyekwo, Uganda Country Director at Hope for Justice, said: “We are so pleased to report that the children are now safe, and well cared for. They have been tested for Covid-19 and are being quarantined as necessary.

“When the lockdown restrictions are lifted, we will take in some of the children at our Lighthouses, while some will be cared for by other NGOs. The children will then begin their journeys to more permanent family-based care.

“We are so glad to be playing our part in this vital work to ensure the safety of these vulnerable children during the national lockdown, and beyond. I would like to thank my wonderful team for going the extra mile during these unprecedented times.”

Image has been changed to protect individuals’ identities