US sex trafficking survivor transforms her life, secures job

A woman in her 20s who was forced into prostitution in the United States and kept locked up for two years is now free, has a job and is living independently with her children.

Daisy*, who is from the Southern United States, has courageously rebuilt her life after receiving 18 months of support from our Survivor Care Program (formerly Lily Pad Haven, now part of Hope for Justice).

Daisy grew up in the foster care system, and had a difficult relationship with her foster parents and her biological mother. She was sex trafficked in her late teens by a man she had been introduced to. Isolated and terrified, Daisy and her child could not leave the house, until one day it was left unlocked. Daisy, who at that point was pregnant, bravely took her chance to escape with her child.

Daisy was then referred to our program. We provided temporary accommodation and a range of support and therapy to help her recover from her experiences. She attended weekly sessions with other survivors, and also volunteered in the community.

Daisy has now transformed her life. She has reconnected with her foster family and her biological siblings, regained her confidence and is self-sufficient after securing her full-time job. Daisy said: “I’ve come a long way. I used to be too afraid to leave the house when I first joined Lily Pad Haven. Now I feel much more confident about doing so. This is the happiest I’ve been in a while.”

Daisy will continue to receive support from one of our local community partners.

*Name and image have been changed to protect survivor’s identity