Anti-Slavery Week: Take action today

Over 40 million people are held in modern slavery. Survivors of this abuse are the only people who have direct knowledge of how modern slavery takes place. Efforts to stop slavery will always fall short unless this expertise from lived experience is listened to.

Yet too often survivors don’t have a seat at the decision-making table. That’s why, this Anti-Slavery Day 2021, Hope for Justice as part of the new Coalition to Stop Slavery are calling for survivors of modern slavery to be listened to. As Pachaiyammal, a leader in the Released Bonded Labourers Association, founding member of the Global Survivor Network, and survivor of bonded labour says: “Our voices united, our collective strength, is real power. When survivors are at the table, where decisions are made, change happens. Real sustainable solutions are possible. Listen to me. Listen to us. I will continue working for my people until my last breath.”

We believe that survivors must be part of a conversation that is about them.

If we are to create real and lasting change, we must do so together.

Take action today by emailing your MP, asking them to write to the Home Secretary calling for a formal process for survivors to be consulted in anti-slavery legislation and policy making.

You can find your MP at:

Click here to download advice on making your letter effective, and an optional template letter.