Young mother turns life around and inspires other women to do the same

A young mother-of-three in Uganda who was struggling to make ends meet now runs her own successful hairdressing salon. Zam, who is now 28, was at risk of being targeted by traffickers, as she was unemployed, and her husband didn’t have a regular income. But since becoming a member of a Hope for Justice Self-Help Group, she has built a stable future.

For their first years together, Zam and her husband found life difficult, due to constant money worries. Zam also lacked confidence, and found it hard to make friends. She was unsure about confiding in her parents, as she felt they were disappointed that she had become pregnant with her first child while she was at school. With two more mouths to feed, the couple’s future was becoming even more uncertain.

A Hope for Justice team member met Zam, and suggested that she join one of our Self-Help Groups, offering the opportunity to save money, build self-esteem, and learn business skills alongside a supportive community of other women.

Zam was swiftly named group secretary, and gradually, her confidence grew. A new friend offered to teach her hairdressing. With a loan from the group, Zam bought a hairdryer. Her husband rented a room for her new venture. As her business grew, she was able to repay the loan. She bought more items with a second loan, which she also speedily repaid.

Now, a few years later, Zam’s salon provides her with a good, regular income, and she is able to save money. She plans to share her skills with other women in the community, for a small fee.

A member of our team in Uganda said: “Zam is a celebrated young woman who has continued to inspire others.”

Zam with a client at her hairdressing salon