Sabina’s Story

Restoring Pride


Sabina had no privacy; she spent months sleeping on a mattress on the floor with a strange man who had also been trafficked.

Her trafficker violently assaulted her and sent her to work in unsafe factories. One day, Sabina was badly injured in a machinery accident.

After being rescued by Hope for Justice Investigators, Sabina’s made a steady recovery. Our team supported her to find a part-time job and accommodation of her own. She proudly keeps her little flat spotlessly clean and delights in spending her small income generously. She bakes something delicious for our team each time we visit her.

“I don’t know if I would have got this far without your support.”


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Edward close up

Edward’s Story

Edward was beaten, degraded and made to work exhausting hours. One day, he watched helplessly as he was sold by one man to another man for £300. He knew he was a slave. People ask why don’t men like Edward run? The real question is why do they stay?

Empty hands close up

Magdalene’s Story

Magdalene and each of her children were kept under lock and key. She was delivered every day to a factory where she worked gruelling 12 hour shifts. Every penny of her wages was paid into her trafficker’s bank account. Despite going without food herself, she still couldn’t feed her children with the meagre amount she was given.