Jerome’s Story

A Father re-united.


The story of a father.

‘Jerome’ was rescued by Hope for Justice after spending months trapped in a situation of forced labour. In all that time he hadn’t been able to visit his children. This was a brutal blow because providing for them was the very reason he left home in the first place.

After rescue, our Survivor Support team enrolled ‘Jerome’ in our Purpose Project. The Project helps survivors of human trafficking get back on their feet. We support them to find a stable home, we advocate for access to financial support and provide practical help with finding a new job.

Jerome also benefited from English lessons as part of the Project; language had really been holding back this fiercely independent family man. All the while he would tell our team that he wouldn’t feel truly free until he had seen his children again. After a few months in the Purpose Project, ‘Jerome’ was making great progress and successfully found a job for himself.

Week by week, this determined father carefully saved up his wages until he could afford to buy a ticket home. He’s finally had the chance to hold his children close since saying goodbye all that time ago.

This is why we do what we do – to see fathers reunited with their families.

Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters back with the people they love.


Happy Father’s Day to you and your dad.


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