Training for Professionals

Do you work with potential victims of modern slavery?

Training For Professionals

What’s available?

Hope for Justice believes in multi-agency working and is keen to work with and train law enforcement, medical professionals, social services, community outreach programmes and other frontline agencies and organisations to tackle the issue of modern slavery.

We actively support professionals by offering training on:

– What is modern slavery? What is human trafficking?
– Spotting the signs & reporting trafficking
– Legal framework for supporting victims
– Public authority obligations
– Victims’ rights
– Working with potential victims of trafficking

UK only:
– Modern Slavery Act 2015
– National Referral Mechanism and MS1 reporting
– The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)

The value of training

We believe that by equipping people who are specialists in their own field with relevant, comprehensive and practical guidance we can increase the number of victims identified and improve the response and help offered by organisations like yours.

A history of success

Hope for Justice has experience of training staff from a variety of frontline agencies including the police, homeless shelters, social services, teachers, community-based outreach programs and asylum charities. Crucially this leads to increases in referrals and rescues, and improves the standard of care provided to victims.

Request training

With our in-house training teams, we can deliver training to a growing audience, informed by our frontline work, our investigations and our long experience. Training is available in the UK, USA and Norway. Just contact us using the details above or click below.

What attendees say about our training:

“The whole session was informative and eye opening – an excellent course!”

“Amazing training. Best I’ve been on in a long time. Well done!”

“Will definitely recommend this training to all frontline staff”

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  • Spot the Signs Posters and Other Resources

    UK ‘Spot the Signs’ poster. Click to download

    UK ‘Spot the Signs’ poster, Polish language. Click to download

    UK ‘Spot the Signs’ poster, Romanian language. Click to download

    UK ‘Spot the Signs’ poster, Punjab language. Click to download

    UK ‘Spot the Signs’ poster, Slovak language. Click to download

    UK ‘Spot the Signs’ and ‘Myths and Facts’ fold-out leaflet. Click to download

    USA ‘Spot the Signs’ poster. Click to download.

    USA ‘Spot the Signs’ poster, Spanish language. Click to download.

    Norway ‘Spot the Signs’ fold-out leaflet. Click to download

    Norway ‘Spot the Signs’ poster. Click to download

    Report a Concern


    Reporting in the US:
    Contact Hope for Justice on (615) 356-0946 or email to report a concern.


    Reporting in the UK:
    Contact Hope for Justice on 0300 008 8000 (local rate call) or email to report a concern. Hope for Justice’s helpline is open during office hours only; if you cannot reach us, we advise that you call Crimestoppers (anonymously) on 0800 555 111.


    IMPORTANT: If you have reason to believe a person is
    in immediate danger you should call the police first.


    Questions about Survivor Care in the UK?

    Hope for Justice has been providing advocacy both from a legal and survivor support perspective to survivors of modern slavery for the last 10 years, building up a wealth of experience. The Advocacy team offers an advice service that provides tailored and specialist advice and signposting on survivor care in the UK to other organisations and/or survivors.

    If you have any questions or challenges relating to survivor care in the UK, email and one of our IMSAs (Independent Modern Slavery Advocates) will get back to you.