Corporate Business and Supply Chain Safe-Guarding Program

Since the Modern Slavery Act came into force in 2015, the issue of potential exploitation in businesses and their supply chains has been brought into sharper focus in boardrooms across the nation.

Our services support companies to identify and mitigate the threat of modern-day slavery within your business and supply chain. By educating their teams and taking proactive action, we help their business to inspire consumer confidence and uphold the highest levels of integrity towards their work force.


West Yorkshire Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Network

The West Yorkshire Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Network (WYATMSN) was established in November 2014 with assistance from the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, to improve coordination in the region’s fight against modern slavery.

It was created to provide a strategic meeting framework on behalf of the statutory, non-statutory and third sector organisations in West Yorkshire who contribute to tackling human trafficking and modern slavery in all its forms across the region.