Hope for Justice and The Young Living Foundation have partnered together in an effort to stamp out the injustice of modern-day slavery.

Our Partnership unites our passion to deliver freedom, hope and justice for modern-day slaves, and will begin by supporting the Shine Career School, a quality educational and vocational training programs in Cambodia, so they can help more victims restore their lives, because we believe every girl is capable of achieving her dreams with the right support and encouragement.

“I’ve shed tears with devastated fathers as we watched their children play again. I’ve grasped at words of hope for teenage girls just hours after they’d last been abused. And I am ever more resolved that we can end slavery, and that it was always God’s command for us. Let’s end it together.”

Ben Cooley, CEO, Hope for Justice

How Can I Get Involved?



Invite a Hope for Justice speaker to your University, Church or event, to challenge and change your community to action!


Want to host a dinner, a prayer group or a party with a purpose? Have fun and help bring about the end of modern-day slavery!


Challenge yourself and your friends to speak up and stand out for those who cannot with a fun-filled fundraiser!


Use your voice to push forward the movement of Hope for Justice and tell someone – I want to live in a world free from slavery!